10 years of Functional Print Cluster

We want to celebrate this anniversary through an event that coordinates an exhibition of technology, knowledge and networking and that brings together the entire value chain in two days of R&D&I celebration in Pamplona

6th of March

International fair and congress where functional printing and the advancement of this technology will be discussed.

In addition, the great potential of companies that work with functional printing will be analyzed and shown and B2B meetings will be held.

7th of March

This day is exclusive for Functional Print Cluster members.

You will soon be informed of the agenda that is being prepared..



About Pamplona

Pamplona, the capital of the Navarre region in Spain, is a modern and dynamic city, known/famous for its rich gastronomy, tradition and history, as well as for its medieval architecture and welcoming atmosphere.

It is currently consolidating itself as an innovation hub in the north of Spain, where collaboration and creativity are driving the development of innovative solutions to face the challenges of the 21st century.