Functional Print is a leading cluster of additive and functional printing in Europe.

We are a group of enterprises, tecnology and knowledge centres and other agents whose principal activity is related to development and support of additive and functional printing.

We promote growth and competitiveness through corporate and tecnological co-operation and colaboration to promote one of the most innovative sectors with the best perspectives for industrial growth in Spain.


To build a union of companies, technology and knowledge centers committed to promoting and developing functional printing in Navarra. All with the aim of promoting growth and competitiveness through cooperation.


To be the key to development in the graphic industries sector in Navarra and become a global benchmark in the field of functional printing.

Functional Printing

The functional printing consists of manufacturing , via printing, products with new functionalities. To do so, traditional technologies of printing are used (offset, rotogravure, screen printing…) with advanced materials such as conductive, bioactive and thermochromic inks.

This way products with high added value are obtained with multiple applications, at low cost, massively produced and with reduced environmental impact, such as circuits, alarms, antennas, smart packaging and labels, biological and electrochemical test kits etc.

Additive Printing

3D printing (additive printing) consists of manufacturing components from a 3D model without using  moulds neither tools, via deposition of material layers. Some of the advantages that offers this  technology are reproducing any imaginable geometry, offering an inmediate response to changeable needs of market and meeting the growing demand of differentiation and personalization of products.Additive manufacturing has applications in medicine ( medical implants, anatomical models…), moulds and matrixes, aeronautics and automotion, architecture and and topography (layouts) and education (models).