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Berlín, Alemania – 17 y 18 Octubre 2023


The next 16 and 18 October, the Techblick fair «The future of electronics RESHAPED» will be held in Berlin. Conferences and exhibitions will be given in a new edition to learn and value functional and additive printing.

* If you are a member of the functional print cluster or 3neo platform, contact us to give you your discount code.

Join us and the entire global community at TechBlick’s flagship event in Berlin (17-18 OCT 2023) to RESHAPE the future of Electronics, making it Additive, Sustainable, Flexible, Stretchable, Wearable, and/or 3D. 

At TechBlick’s onsite Future of Electronics RESHAPED conference and exhibition in Berlin (17-18 OCT 2023) you will find the following: 

Themes: Additive, Sustainable, Flexible, Hybrid, Soft, Wearable, or 3D Electronics 

Agenda: Curated programme featuring 68 invited speakers, covering the entire spectrum of technology and application development from industry and applied research. Explore programme here.

Masterclasses: 12 industry-led masterclasses, covering all the key frontier technology and application in the field. Learn more topics and instructors here.

Exhibition: 78 exhibitors from around the world and from across the value chain, showcasing all the key developments live on the floor.  Learn more about exhibitors here to plan your visit. 

Guided tours: A choice of 4 guided tours, taking you to the best research and development facilities in Berlin and vicinity active in printed electronics and photovoltaics. Learn more about the tours here.

Networking: Superb networking with over 600 focused participants from around the world in a unique environment

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