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Project Description

Defrost indicator label

Año: 2015-2016

Cluster Companies:
Esquerro and Albéniz Graphics

Technological development:
CEMITEC Technology Centre

Sponsored by:

The objective of this project has been to carry out a Feasibility Study to dispel technical doubts about the risk in the manufacture of defrosting indicator labels.

The products that are kept in refrigerated chambers at controlled  temperatures, both at industrial and consumer level, maintain their characteristics intact when the state of freezing is maintained until the moment of consumption. For this purpose, the cold chain must be maintained throughout the distribution process, i.e. at source, during transport to the storekeeper, in the storekeeper’s warehouse, during subsequent distribution, etc.

If the cold chain is broken, the product  defrosts and refreezes, there will be a change in the texture of the food, producing a hardening and even decreasing its solubility and nutritional value.

The project has studied the feasibility of printing a printed control device to be used in cold chains, showing a possible break in the chain, i.e. a possible  defrosting and refreezing of the controlled product.