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Functional Print is the Navarra Functional Print Cluster, a benchmark in Europe.

We’re a group of companies and technology and knowledge centers that are working together to promote one of the most innovative sectors with the best perspectives for industrial growth.

The cluster is made up of 27 companies in the graphic industry, one professional training center (CP Salesianos) and 2 collaborating bodies (CEMITEC y AEGRAN).


To build a union of companies, technology and knowledge centers committed to promoting and developing functional printing in Navarra. All with the aim of promoting growth and competitiveness through cooperation.


To be the key to development in the graphic industries sector in Navarra and become a global benchmark in the field of functional printing.

Functional Printing

Functional printing consists of manufacturing products with new functions through printing. To do so, traditional printing technology is used (offset, rotogravure, silk screen, etc.) with advanced materials like conductive, bioactive and thermochromic inks.

Through this process, products with high value added are obtained for multiple applications, at a low cost, mass produced with a decreased impact on the environment. These include circuits, alarms, antennas, smart packaging and labels, biological and electrochemical test kits and much more.



  • To participate in specialized national and international fairs and forums.
  • To foster collaboration with public and private bodies.
  • To attract new strategic partners.
  • To integrate full value chains.
  • To support the functional printing R&D&i program.
  • To develop strategies for smart specialization and new business models.
  • To support full chains of activity, from R&D to market.
  • To establish strategic security mechanisms.
  • To foster adaptation of companies to this new technology.
  • To give professionals in the sector the necessary skills through training actions and collaboration with academic institutions.
  • To promote initiatives to position the cluster in benchmark markets and global niches.
  • To support our companies in their process of moving into new markets, both in Spain and abroad.
  • To support our companies in their diversification efforts.
  • To support the creation of start-ups and spin-offs.
  • Intra-cluster cooperation, among companies and stakeholders in science and technology, to develop innovative products and processes.
  • Regional, national and international inter-cluster cooperation, combining existing capacities and convergent technology.