Project Description

Manufacture of electroluminescent devices

Year: 2015-2016

Cluster Companies:
Professional Training Centre Salesianos Pamplona

Technological development
CEMITEC Tecnological Centre

Sponsored by:

The purpose of the present project is to accompany a group of students of Higher Degree of Vocational Training in graphic and electronic areas to manufacture their own electroluminescent demostrators.The project has been suggested as a real (the devices should work in order to be presented in the final event), motivating (the students design the functionality of their projects by themselves) collaborative learning (forming multidisciplinary teams) and counselled by the technical professionals who collaborate with teaching staff.

The activity was developed during the academic year, where mixed groups of students of graphic arts and electronics of the salesians vocational training in Pamplona (member of the Cluster and Management Board) collaborated to develop an EL (electroluminiscens) lamp with switching on and off, flashing and gradient effects. The projects have a very particular application planned by students themselves, for example, a poster that indicates the city of Barcelona, a game which develops cognitive abilities in patients who suffer Alzheimer or a proposal of illumination of a zebra crossing for pedestrians  who cross the streets while they are distracted by their mobile phones.